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"Anhinga" by Margie Sloane"Antonio at Veterans Tribute" by Frederic K"Artemis Fowl" by Susan P"Black Rock Playa" by Richard Kolar"Blister Beetles" by Richard Kolar"Caribbean Flamingo" by Margie Sloane"Caspersen Beach, Venice, FL" by Richard Kolar"Chai Wallah, Amritsar" by Scott Ferris"Disc Golf Course" by Richard Kolar"Down on my knees" by Patty Brown"Dreaming of Her Prince Charming" by Patty Brown"Fire and Water" by Mike Hurley"First Baptist Church" by Bob Maret"Florida Fall" by Vallie Piloian"Flower Series, No. 53" by Susan P."Flowers from India" by Vallie Piloian"Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland" by Becki Long"Golden Fog" by Mary Balanda"Gone Fishing" by Lorraine Camus Bucemi"Great Day 2014" by Vallie W. Piloian