"Into The Woods" by Lamar Thames"Disc Golf Course" by Richard Kolar"Gone Fishing" by Lorraine Camus Bucemi"Through a Child's Eyes" by Richard Polaski"Florida Fall" by Vallie Piloian"Reflections" by Mark Shaw"Jet Streams" by Susan P"Caspersen Beach, Venice, FL" by Richard Kolar"Wake" by Frederic K"Fire and Water" by Mike Hurley"Round Lake Limpkin" by Richard Polaski"Welcome to Oviedo" by Bob Maret"Anhinga" by Margie Sloane"Metallic Green Bee" by Richard Kolar"Lake Jesup"  by Vallie Piloian"Oviedo on the Park" by Richard Kolar"Lightning On The Park" by Simone Amaduzi"Great Day 2014" by Vallie W. Piloian"Thinking Outside the Box" by Susan P"Antonio at Veterans Tribute" by Frederic K